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Do you think about establishing a company in Austria? You have read and heard a lot about it, but the answers to your questions are not clear enough?

Before deciding to establish a company in Austria, please read this text, learn the main advantages of company formation in Austria and benefit from our free personal appointment for a consultation for more detailed information.

As a renowned company with over 300 clients, many years of experience and highly qualified personnel, we provide you with the following text.

Is Austria suitable for establishing a company?

Austria has, in the past ten years, proved to be an extremely interesting location for company formation. The high purchasing power of the population, simplified procedures in the course of forming a company, as well as numerous other advantages regarding the export of goods and services from Austria, have resulted in a constant growth of self-employed entrepreneurs in this country. Due to these factors, the year 2016 is recorded as the record year of company formation in the country – with a total of 29,073 newly founded companies.

Many people from abroad have decided to do this step. A lot of these companies have been successful for decades now and new companies are being established every day.

What motivates people from abroad to make this step? How to decide whether a company formation in Austria is a reasonable step for you personally? What are the key factors to be considered during the process of business formation?

No matter whether you live in Austria or abroad, the decision to establish a company in Austria has many advantages, of which we refer to the most important ones:

  • Business activity on the market with enormous purchasing power
  • Esteem that companies from Austria enjoy often enables an easier access to any market (in comparison to companies from economically less developed regions). Companies from economically weaker regions are less competitive with Austrian ones, even if they possess high-quality products and/or services because they get interrelated to prejudices and instabilities due to their location.
  • Simple procedures in terms of founding a company, registration of products and services – in comparison to the procedures in economically less developed countries.
  • Numerous benefits regarding tax and social contributions – compared to other member states of the European Union.
  • Facilitated access to other international markets by posting employees from Austria.
  • Support programmes and benefits for newly founded companies.
  • Intense support by the Austrian Economic Chambers in Austria, as well as internationally through their representatives.

All these advantages are common practice in Austria regarding company formation. It is crucial for the prosperity of Austrian companies. Foreign entrepreneurs who start their business in Austria are approached like the local ones – and they enjoy all of the above mentioned advantages.

It has to be mentioned that company formation in Austria can proceed negatively. Based on many years of our experience, we provide you with the common mistakes that can be made:

  • Superficial information on tax and social contributions in Austria. It is very important to get informed about all taxes in time and to implement them into the financing plan – in order to avoid any possible negative ´surprises´.
  • Austria has (like most other countries) numerous laws and regulations on the market regulation. Sanctions for non-compliance are relatively strictly handled. Therefore, consultations regarding the legal framework and reputable managed accounting are basic requirements for a successful and undisturbed business activity in Austria.
  • The right choice of the legal form – limited liability company (German: GmbH), sole proprietorship or limited partnership (German: Kommanditgesellschaft) – depends primarily on the initial capital you plan to invest, your aims and logistic resources. In the case of a company formation with ambitious economic aims, a ´lower´ legal form could make your company appear less valuable in the eyes of your business partners and clients. Otherwise, a ´higher´ legal form of a company with limited financial and logistic potentialities can result in a far too big burden and inhibit its development.
    Estimate and balance your aims and resources and choose the most favorable corporate form for your company.
  • Obtaining information in a superficial manner to receive a user license (if necessary for your business purpose) and/or to conclude a purchase-contract or lease a business location, is another big mistake that could happen. Hence it is important to arrange this matter before founding a company.
  • Insufficient and incomplete information related to the requirements for obtaining a license to conduct the favored business.

A short article obviously cannot reproduce what we would like to convey to you about company formation and successful business activity in Austria. On that account, we offer you the possibility of a free first consultation. In the course of this conversation, you will gain a profound insight into the subject of company formation in Austria.

We offer extensive counseling and the following services:

  • Finding ideas and creating a business plan for the ideal market appearance
  • Company formation (with all its necessary administrative steps), accounting and tax consultancy
  • Design of a sustainable business model of your project
  • Long – or short-term management of your company by one of our professionals

Additionally, we offer the following services:

  • Organization of the office services in Vienna and the surrounding area
  • Active support in the selection process of suitable business partners and/or at the conclusion of contract(s) with your partners
  • Transmission of information on funding programmes and beneficiaries, favorable opportunities for project financing.
  • Our services are customized to your economic and business sector, the chosen legal form of your company and the region (Austria, international) where you want to get active.

We guarantee total discretion and accompany you from your first step of company formation and business activity in Austria – in your native language!

Take advantage of the privileges that are provided in Austria and protect yourself and your company from any possible inconsiderate behavior that could have a negative impact on your business.

Our experts are at your disposal for consultations in German, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and English. In Russian and Turkish, we conduct consultations by appointment.

To our foreign customers, we also provide consultations via Skype.

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